About Us

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Shane Wagner and Royston Souvenir founded Planted Organics in September of 2016.  The two founders first met when attending the University at Albany where they both ran the hurdles for the Division 1 Track and Field team.  


Being a part of 8 consecutive conference championship titles, the two always focused on what they put into their bodies so that they could preform at their highest levels. With that being said, salads were a huge part of their diets because of the health benefits of fresh vegetables, fruits, and proteins.  The problem they ran into was that none of the salad dressings they found were healthy. Shane was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 17 that made it even harder for him to find a dressing he could eat that did not affect his blood sugars.  On the other hand, Roy just did not like the taste of store dressings. Salad dressings in stores were filled with calories, carbs, sugars, salt, preservatives, soy, dairy, fats, and ingredients that you could not pronounce.  They both knew that they had to create their own dressing to fix this problem.


The first dressing ever created was Chipotle Lime because the two loved spicy food and rice bowls were always on the menu.  With trial and error, soon after multiple flavors were created to complement the different salad combinations they created each day.


The two graduated from the University at Albany in the summer of 2013 where they parted ways. Roy went back home to Brooklyn, NY to work different jobs in the food industry while Shane stayed locally and continued his job selling Cutco Cutlery.  It was not until the end of 2015 when the two started talking about bottling the salad dressing and selling at local events.  With a little push and kick in the right direction, the two finally made the decision to start Planted Organics in the fall of 2016.  They knew that the salt free, gluten free, preservative free, and vegan dressings would be a huge hit to the public.


Now, you can find the two sampling and selling at events throughout the entire northeast where customers get to try as many flavors as they want and stock up on their favorite dressings!