About Us


Shane Wagner and Royston Souvenir are the founders of Planted Organics established in September of 2016.  They originally met in college and were teammates at the University at Albany where they both ran hurdles.  Being division 1 athletes, they always tried to eat healthier which resulted in creating a lot of meals from scratch. 

After college Shane worked for Cutco selling the Worlds Finest Cutlery and Roy managed a salad restaurant.  Although they loved their jobs they both knew they would not stay very long.  Roy and Shane both wanted to start their own company.  With Roy's background working at a salad restaurant and Shane's reputation for eating salads, salad dressing seemed like the best option.  The goal was to make a dressing that did not have all of the junk that store dressings have.  After long days and nights, the two finally came up with the perfect recipes to share with the world that consisted of no gluten, no preservatives, and no added salt.